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About Us

Silverstone Financial is a Fee-Only Fiduciary Wealth Management Firm located in Owings Mills, Maryland, serving Baltimore residents locally and clients virtually across the country.

We specialize in helping clients with

Wealth Accumulation & Inheritance Optimization

We help young professionals and recent heirs maximize their long-term wealth accumulation

and minimize the time and stress that comes with managing their money.

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Why Fee-Only & Fiduciary?


Not all registered investment advisors are created equally.

Unlike some other RIAs, Silverstone Financial was founded as a Fee-Only Fiduciary wealth management firm because we believe that is the only way to provide our clients with fair, unbiased recommendations.

Why is working with a Fiduciary important?

There are two standards that advisors are held to:

(1) the suitability standard or (2) the fiduciary standard.

Legally, all registered financial professionals are held to the suitability standard which requires them to ensure their recommendations are suitable for their clients, but not necessarily the best for their clients.

Financial advisors that hold themselves to the fiduciary standard ensure that their recommendations are the best possible recommendation for their clients, even if this is not in the advisor's own best interest.

As fiduciaries, we hold ourselves to the higher standard and promise to always put our clients first.

What does Fee-Only mean?

"Fee-Only" means that we do not sell insurance or annuities, we do not charge commissions or mark-ups on trades, we do not receive any compensation for recommending a specific security product, and we do not accept kickbacks from mutual funds or receive any other inequitable compensation. We continuously monitor and analyze any potential conflicts of interest and are as transparent as possible.

At Silverstone Financial, our only source of revenue are the straightforward fees our clients pay us;

therefore, our only interest is your best interest.

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Resources made for You


We understand your unique situation requires a custom solution made especially for you.

Check out our resources and services built with you in mind.



For diligent savers and investors interested in preparing for retirement, purchasing a home, and more.

We specialize in helping

young professionals
achieve their goals.

Learn more




For individuals and couples

nearing or in retirement

looking for help with

retirement and estate plannig.

We can help you

prepare proactively and

retire with confidence.

Learn more



For business owners,

start-up founders,

the self-employed,

and other entrepreneurs.

We can help you navigate your complex financial life

as an entrepreneur.

Learn more



For those who have received an inheritance from a loved one.

This can be an emotional and confusing transition.


We specialize in helping heirs through the probate and inheritance process.

Learn more

Our Services


Investment Management

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Financial Planning

Business Meeting

Personal CFO

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Tax Return Preparation

Schedule a free Consultation

Meet with a Financial Planner 1-on-1 for a complimentary, obligation-free consultation.
We will review your financial situation, answer any questions you may have, and explain our firm's offerings.

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